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Rompers and Stomp Dance Revolution is a non-competitive dance school with a difference. We pride ourselves on our stress-free, family orientated classes. We carefully commit to producing individual programs for each dancer to suit their needs, all in a nurturing and loving environment. Our philosophy at R&S is that dance needs to be FUN! Our classes have been designed to nurture and educate, not only in dance but in life. 


Our program offers a variety of dance styles and techniques. All  within one sixty minute class, each student will experience jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, song and dance and acrobatics. We help to develop rhythm, coordination, musicality and creativity, as well as the ability to follow directions, interact and co-operate with peers, take turns and gain self confidence.

ROMPERS (2 to 9 years old)

Rompers is the program for our 2 to 9 year old students, where we teach the fundamentals of dance across all genres, ensuring fun and playful classes.

In our Romper Tots classes (2-5 years) we turn our dance room into an ocean for pirates and mermaids for 3 weeks then the circus will come to town the following 3 weeks. We theme our learning experience so that we can always offer opportunities to celebrate the world we live in. In the hour class we explore singing, acrobats, acting, musical instruments, an obstacle course, we provide tap shoes for the dancers to wear, ballet, jazz, hip hop and much more. Anything can happen in 'Romper Land'! Romper Tots classes are 60 minutes long. Romper Tots is $18.00 (excluding GST) per class.

In our Romper Junior classes (6-9 years), dancers have the opportunity to use props designed for their age. Alongside props, Romper Junior classes will explore more intermediate skills in all styles of dance including jazz, ballet, hip hop, song and dance/musical theatre, tap, lyrical, contemporary, singing and acrobats. Students in these classes focus on technique and style, working on corner work and dance routines. We believe that every student brings something special to our classes and we pride ourselves on 'rotating the stage', where every dancer has their time to shine at the front. Romper Junior classes are 60 minutes long. Romper Junior is $18.00 (excluding GST) per class.

STOMP (9+ years old)

Stomp is our program for students over the age of 9, where we focus on progressing into more detailed, advanced dance skills and developing young adults.


In our Stomp classes (9+ years), dancers will do a warm up, corner work and progressions before spending time working on choreography or, when concert is approaching, routines. In Stomp, students work with the teachers to learn more about how their bodies move, through detailed progressions across the room and fun dance games/challenges. Stomp classes also have Dance Captains, which is the role of assisting the teacher in class (warm up, handing out notices, being the 'go-to' student for help). This is a role that is decided on by the teacher and is rotated amongst the group throughout the year. Stomp is about each student’s journey of discovery within dance and themselves. Stomp classes are 60 minutes long. Stomp is $18.00 (excluding GST) per class.



R&S Dance Revolution prides itself on its 'one hour a week' dance class, however we have identified that students keep wanting more! We are excited to offer some select 'extension classes' to our students. 

Musical Theatre is a NEW class at R&S, where students learn more about stage craft and their own personal style through singing, acting and dancing. Students will work on singing techniques, vocal warm ups and exercises, acting styles and techniques, basic movement on stage and more. This is individually, in partners and in groups, all in a 60 minute class. Musical Theatre classes are in Junior, Intermediate and Senior and work towards a piece at our end of year concert. Musical Theatre classes are $12.50 (introductory price) and $15.00 if it is your only class at R&S (prices excluding GST).

Acro is a growing class at R&S where students work on flexibility, strength and acrobatic skills, ranging from cartwheels through to aerials and flips. Acro is mainly as an individual, however some activities are group based and lots of fun! Acro classes are 45min long and are in Junior and Senior age categories. Acro is a non-concert class as we want students to gain the most amount of acro skills and knowledge throughout the year. Acro classes are $7.00 and $10.00 if it is your only class at R&S (prices excluding GST).

Excel is our extension class for Stomp only, where students work on advanced technique and dance skills, maturing the dancer and their ability. Students are also given the opportunity to explore self creation and choreography with the help of our highly qualified staff. Excel work towards an end of year concert piece that is self-choreographed by the students. Excel is a 45min class and only has one class per major location. Excel costs $7.00 and $10.00 if it is your only class at R&S (prices excluding GST).

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