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Jo is the director and driving force behind Rompers and Stomp. With over 20 years of dance teaching experience and a university background in social work and child psychology, she leads the way in a unique nurturing dance experience. Jo has an amazing ability to engage and inspire her students, creating a magical yet structured class environment. Being a mother of two herself, she understands how special it is to observe and be a part of your childs experience. This is why she gives parents the option to sit in on classes and witness all the fun. Jo continues to watch her students blossom and looks forward to more exciting memories at Rompers and Stomp. 


Join Jo and the Rompers and Stomp team today! 


At R&S Dance Revolution, we are lucky enough to have an amazing group of dance teachers on board our team. We believe that, even in our non-competitive dance school, your children should be exposed to teachers who believe in the students and provide and nurturing, supportive, and inclusive environment. 

Join Jo and the Rompers and Stomp team today! 

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